I really enjoy your classes. Your method of combining visual, oral and the written Chinese characters
learn a lot!
Fern Bligen

I find your teaching method very logical & effective. My main obstacle in learning putonghua previously has been
the tones & you focus on the tones in a very practical way.
Steve Lowenstein

I truly feel that you are a wonderful teacher. Your approach to educating students is very clear and makes it
easy to understand the lesson. I would not know how to improve the lesson and your drawings are getting much
better.  I studied todays lesson for some time and although I cannot remember all the words you have taught (i
need more study time), I was surprised by my understanding of the concepts.  I can use help with the
pronunciations as I am lacking confidence in that area.
Phil Aronson

If you are thinking of taking a Mandarin course either as a beginner or a more advance student, The Fast
Learning Chinese program taught by Dina is the perfect one for you.  Dina has a vast experience in teaching
Mandarin and English but she also brings to life the material.  No dry boring days in class. Instead you will get a
lively but very thorough explanation of the material. There are not many teachers who know their subject matter
well and can pass it on to their students but Dina is one of them,  In addition she is always willing to help you,
either before or after class.  One other thing, the price is very reasonable for what you are getting.  So run, don't
walk, to her classroom and sign up. You will be glad you did.
Jawanza Menelik

Dina makes learning Chinese easy!! Class is interactive and you get personal attention. I highly recommend
Dina as your Chinese instructor."
Patricia(Trish) Dahl

for the information I was really surprise to learn something new, the caligraphy left me impressed. I really
enjoyed your teaching. You are a great Lao Shi. You have my respects.
Thank you for your update and kindness. Zai-Jian!

I'm really glad I decided to take your course. I was a little apprehensive about learning Mandarin Chinese but
your teaching methods have made it very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to taking the next set of classes.
Dave McNichol

It's culture and history.  Dina’s approach and the manner in which the classes are taught are learning how to
speak and write Chinese I am also learning about different aspects of china’s culture and history. Dina’s
approach and the manner in which the classes are taught are the significant differences for me. The flexibility to
attend make-up classes really confident learning Chinese. Accommodate my busy schedule. The Lesson
templates are excellent! I feel really confident learning Chinese.
Howard Clarke

Dear Dina
I enjoyed your class very much. You are by far the most passionate and energetic teacher I have known. Your
energy and enthusiasm has definitely inspired me to become a better student. I really appreciate the extra time
and effort you put in to ensure that students understand what was taught. Your method of relating Chinese
characters to its actual meaning is very helpful. The notes and CD are great tools as well. Thanks for being
such great teacher!  

Dear Dina,
It has been truly a privilege and honor to have you not only as my teacher, but an angel who has enriched my
life so much.  The passion, dedication, and nurturing way you have for teaching/educating your students is
intoxicating!!!  For a person who speaks Mandarin, I was tepid in taking your class. Can I just say you had me at
"Hello"?  Your classes are fast paced, but flow smoothly together like one big masterpiece.  You make it fun and
interactive that I am always spellbound.  Your tireless & boundless energy, enthusiasm, and love is inspirational,
encouraging, and aspiring!!!
Much appreciation & admiration,
Chris Liu

Dina’s Fast Learning Chinese Class is very easy as well as challenging.  She simplifies the pronunciations and
each lesson is a learning experience.  I never want to miss a class because Dina is a good story teller especially
when she reveals the characters formation along with the culture of the Chinese people.   
Jean Myers --CUNY BACCALAUREATE for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies.

I couldn’t be happier with Dina’s lessons at Fast Learning Chinese.  For someone who is committed to learning
Chinese, Dina’s lessons provide a fast and effective way of doing so. I couldn’t believe how easy she has made
it to learn.  
Nick Blitterswyk

I always thought learning another language would be very difficult, but Dina's innovative teaching style has
proved me wrong!!  I would definitely recommend this class to others who are interested in learning Mandarin. I
suggest not only taking the class, but buying the CD.  It is extremely helpful and in my opinion necessary to
speaking correctly.  
Amanda Lightner

Dina is an exceptional high energy teacher whose positive energy makes learning fun. In less than two months
of her unique program I had a vocabulary of over 125 words and could have a short conversation in Chinese.
Last night I ordered a glass of red wine in Chinese while at a Chinese restaurant and the waiter understood me!
Diane Drey

Dina has a passion for teaching and it definitely shows through during our classes.  She has a unique way of
presenting the material to help us remember everything more easily.  She is very engaging and makes it fun to
learn a difficult language.  I'm really happy that I decided to take classes with her rather through some language
institute because she is a great teacher and actually cares about whether or not her students are picking up on
what she teaches.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone trying to find a Mandarin Chinese class in New
York.  ------Thanks for everything!"
Jenny Lee

Fast Learning Chinese is an exciting way to learn a language. The lessons are well planned and fast paced.
The tempo in class is upbeat and enjoyable, and the instructor always keeps it interesting. But what I found
most rewarding, was that after ten lessons my Chinese friends could understand what I was saying.
Thank you so much!
Charlie Cofrancesco

I was frustrated after taking couple of boring & difficult Chinese lessons from other schools. Luckily, I found "Fast
learning Chinese" on the web and after reading students' reviews on Dina's classes, I decided to attend her
class. I must say it was amazing to experience Dina's unique teaching method, her passion for teaching, and her
positive energy. With her help, learning Chinese is no more stress but full of joy & fun! She always smiles and
let us get used to create sentences by our own magically. Also, she explains the origin of each characters to
make you easy to learn by heart! I can't wait to take
her next lesson every time I finish one.
Thank you very much!
Julie Le

This was a fantastic learning experience for me.  I can’t believe how much I have learned in such a short period
of time.  Dina is a great teacher – she is very patient, always willing to explain again if we have questions and
just a really pleasant person to learn from.
Thank you, Dina.
Vijaya Dhillon

"I've been learning Chinese for 2 month already. I like Dina's way of teaching because she always gives us good
examples and her sense of humor in the lessons. It makes me easy to understand Chinese. I really enjoy
learning Chinese".
Miki Ozawa

I very much enjoyed the course and found it very useful. I think the focus on correct pronunciation and the main
tonal groups for spoken Chinese is quite helpful. I'm glad that you've shown such enthusiasm and encourage
students to ask questions.
Best Regards,
Lawrence Hui

Fast Learning Chinese is the right name for this program: after few lessons, you can say full sentences, after a
little more, you can express feelings and build more complex sentences, and you end up recognizing characters
in Chinatown! The method is very efficient, and enjoyable as well - time goes very fast in class. I could practice
with my wife whose mother tongue is Chinese: it works! I can't wait to see again her family and surprise them
with this new knowledge.
Thanks Dina!
Philippe Trin

The program was well designed.  Dina taught Chinese pronunciation very clearly.  I gained the ability to
construct basic sentences in Chinese, as we went over many useful words and phrases in the class.  Learning
about Chinese characters was also a plus.
Nobuo Tarui

I just want to say how much we enjoyed taking your Fast Learning Chinese class each Saturday.
I was amazed at how much you were able to cover and having you as our teacher was a warm and friendly  
experience.   Xièxiè nǐ!                                      
Doug Harnaga

Dina offers a no-nonsense approach to learning Chinese. She offers a method of learning that teaches you the
whys and hows of Chinese. As someone who has dabbled with learn-by-repeating courses, simply one class
with Dina will make you realize just how much they're leaving out! Her course book and CD are excellent.  For
the price, this course cannot be beat.  If you stick to the course, you will speak Chinese and understand why
you're speaking it the way you are. Highly recommended!  
Evan Nass

Fast learning Chinese is the highlight of my week. I love it. It has made a goal that once seemed impossible
attainable. The lessons are broken into manageable parts so it is possible to fit into a busy schedule.      
Kathleen Griffin.
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