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Here's a letter from 3 brothers who specifically came from Southern New Jersey every Saturday and finished
Levels 1, 2 and 3 in group classes.

Thank You Dina,
Spending Saturday afternoons in New York City learning Chinese
from such a warm and dedicated teacher with my two brothers was
a nice experience for me personally. The amount of material that you
cover creates a perfect mix for learning. Your knowledge of the
subject matter and method of teaching combined to give us a firm
foundation in understanding the Chinese language                             
Doug Harnaga

I absolutely agree with Doug.
In addition, while our journey (one way needs 2 hours by train) from New Jersey to your class in NYC usually
took up our whole Saturday, but it was made worthwhile by your warm smile and your dedication to teaching.
Completing your Chinese program Level 1, 2 and 3 may not have been an easy task. However, you made it
very pleasant. I appreciate your willingness to spend any time needed before or after class to help with our
learning. Thank you so much and I wish you much success with your future.         
Jim Harnaga

Thanks Dina! With your accelerated learning program, I was able to learn 3 years of Chinese in only about
one year.                                                                                
Robert Harnaga

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best teacher I ever had. All your students and
student to be are considered to be very lucky to have you as a teacher. Why? Because you have a caring
attitude, and a love of learning, warm and accessible, and committed to your goal. You make learning Chinese
very interesting, you explain the origin of words and have a systematic way of teaching thereby making easy
retention. Because you make your student relax after the busy/hectic work since you have a unique way, a magic
as I can say, other teachers do not have, you keep us motivated with your varied, lively approaches, thus making
your students attentive and their enthusiasm is always there in each lesson. And lastly because your
methodology of teaching is simplified but very effective, you present materials in an enthusiastic manner, thus
instill a hunger in your students to learn more on their own. You exhibit expertise in the subject, students have
that eagerness to learn. You are really a great Lao shi. I would say that you deserve to have a title, that is you
are the “Confucius of Modern Time of the New Generation” Again my heartfelt thanks for having you as my
great teacher. Still to be with you on Level 2

After having taken 3 levels of Fast Learning Chinese (with no prior exposure to the language), I am amazed by
the level I have achieved and by how much I can say, write and understand of the Chinese language. I know that
my accomplishments are undoubtedly a result of your undeniable talent as a language teacher. I, myself, am a
French teacher so I know a good teacher when I see one. Besides learning Chinese, I also got many pointers on
how to be an efficient language teacher by observing your dedication to your students as well as benefiting from
your extensive knowledge about the methodology of language teaching. Your classes are prepared in a
constructive and intelligent way, not to mention taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. As your student, I had to
work hard outside of class. Studying and practicing are an essential part of learning a language. Yet this hard
work outside of class would not have paid off as it did if it were not for your talent. What made the overall
experience a satisfying one was the fact that you understand that language cannot be taught properly in a
vacuum. For each new word (whether it be a character or its pinyin transcription), you gave us its
epistemological origin as well as clear ways to remember it. You never made this whole learning process a
tedious one. All your classes were fun and interesting, yet challenging.
I am leaving New York soon; I will miss you and your classes. And I will continue learning Chinese now that I
have had the best Chinese teacher ever. Xiè xiè!
Muriel Placet-Kouassi, Drew University

I find the program very helpful, since it integrates spoken conversation, pronunciation, pinyin notation and
Chinese characters in a very organic fashion. (I used some of my newfound knowledge last night at Ollie's
noodle shop and was very pleased that I was understood!) I look forward to coming to class and to the
challenges of learning Chinese in this interesting and lively manner. As a professor, I've studied other languages
in the more traditional way and I really like Dina's approach better.
Roberta Graziano, Hunter College

Dina is an extremely accommodating, patient, organized, encouraging, and creative teacher. Her understanding
of and experiences in China and the USA profoundly augment her teaching. I am
amazed at the amount one is
able to say and write, especially with respect to Chinese characters, at the end of the first lessons of level 1
much less after the entire 22 lessons. With a mastery of level 1, one definitely can converse well enough in
Mandarin to speak when traveling- which is quite a feat!
WOW!! I just finished level 1 within 2.5 weeks and
I can’t wait to see what level 2 holds! Dina’s course is so very well worth it. In short, if you want to learn to read,
write, speak, and listen to Mandarin effectively, WITH UNDERSTANDING also, Dina delivers!
E. Barrett, Math Teacher in NYC

Having completed Fast Learning Chinese level 1 class, I am very pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was able
to begin to speak and start to form my very own sentences in Mandarin.  During the level 1 class I found that
each of the lessons were planned out very well. Dina has a unique teaching style that keeps you interested and
wanting to learn more. Out of the many different subjects I have had to study for I can wholeheartedly say that
this was one of the few times that I actually enjoyed going to class. In addition to her book, I found that her CD
was an essential tool and it came in handy when I wasn't sure of the proper pronunciations and tones. I have
recommended Fast Learning Chinese to my friends and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who is
interested in learning Mandarin.
Allen Nip, Morgan Stanley

I must candidly say that I began "Fast Learning Chinese" with great skepticism. I could not fathom that anyone
could teach me so rapidly to speak even the most basic Chinese. After all Mandarin has a (justified) reputation
as a very difficult language for many reasons. But I am thrilled to report that I have acquired a rather comfortable
level of spoken basic Chinese. Yes, learning a new language is an ongoing process, the practice must continue,
and I know I will be making mistakes. But I have been pleasantly rewarded by Chinese speakers who
complimented me not only for my vocabulary but more importantly for my pronunciation and intonation! If you
open your mind, if you listen carefully, if you do the work, and if you're unafraid to imitate Dina's diction, you will
find the program works very well.  Finally, you will enjoy a teacher who respects her native tongue and is clearly
enthusiastic teaching it each and every week!
Igal Fligman,  MD

I have had 2 other Chinese courses before and during the first 6 lessons of your program, I already learnt more
than in those courses. The teaching style is very unique and even though it starts with teaching the basics (of
course) you also learn a lot of useful expressions and words as well as the Chinese characters of many words.
That might sound hard to learn, but as I already said the teaching style is very unique and makes the learning
easier compared to the other courses I took.
Daniel Paape

I like Fast Learning Chinese. Of all the Chinese teachers I have met, Dina is by far the greatest. My main issue
when looking for Chinese teachers is how well their spoken English are because in order for me to understand
the language, being able to explain the language from Chinese to English is a big deal for me and Dina has
shown that. I like the way she teaches using her drawings to write different characters. It's easy and fast!
Helen Yu

Thank you for your passion in teaching. At first I thought the class would not be hard since it is a class after work
and many places kinda go easy on working people(in other words, they do not make your money worth!). But
you really put your heart into every single moment in the class room. Very impressive. It is my turn to put my
sweat into learning. Everyone! This is a place to go if you want to learn Chinese. AND be prepared to study."
Sohui Cho

Dina is a great teacher. She made learning Chinese fun and easy. Everyday concepts were incorporated into
the lesson which helped me learn better. She also is really nice and not your typical teacher.
Tiffany Wallace, Johnson & Wales University

I tried hard to find a nice Mandarin school in NYC for the past couple of years and it was not easy to find the
right one. I went to NYU, had private tutors but they are incomparable to Dina!!!  You will be impressed at her
bright energy and enormous passion for teaching. I speak 5 foreign languages, and based on my previous
learning experience, I thought ‘Oh well, what does it really matter who teaches...’ But I was so wrong!!!  It really
DOES matters who teaches Mandarin, especially because of 4 intonations where we don’t really have in other
languages.  She teaches us very clearly, is always smiling and we learn very fast, just like the name of the
website, Fast Learning Chinese! I strongly recommend Dina and I promise you’ll never regret!  I sincerely
appreciate Dina for this precious learning opportunity.  Tai xie xie ni le!
Yeon J. Kim, Student studying oriental medicine & acupuncture

Thank you for another great lesson. You are an exceptional instructor. You have a unique way of imparting
knowledge. You are making a difficult language almost easy and you are very patient.  You should be teaching
in an University.
Ron Kehrli
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