I am a retired Professor of French, who spent a career directly engaged in supervising language-learning
classes. In my long experience, I have never encountered a more brilliant language teacher than Dina Shen,
whose school, Fast Learning Chinese, should serve as a model for how to teach the Chinese language.
- Richard Klein/Cornell University

After having taken 3 levels of Fast Learning Chinese (with no prior exposure to the language), I am amazed by
the level I have achieved and by how much I can say, write and understand of the Chinese language. I know that
my accomplishments are undoubtedly a result of your undeniable talent as a language teacher. I, myself, am a
French teacher so I know a good teacher when I see one.
- Muriel Placet-Kouassi/Drew University, NJ.

Having completed Fast Learning Chinese level 1 class, I am very pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was able
to begin to speak and start to form my very own sentences in Mandarin.  During the level 1 class I found that
each of the lessons were planned out very well . Dina has a unique teaching style that keeps you interested and
wanting to learn more.  Out of the many different subjects I have had to study for I can wholeheartedly say that
this was one of the few times that I actually enjoyed going to class.
- Allen Nip/Morgan Stanley.

Unlike those resources, Dina eschews rote memorization and instead teaches you character mnemonics that are
so useful, you can soon guess the meaning of characters you've never seen before. Dina also teaches you a
foundation in grammar syntax with heuristics so you can quickly construct your own full sentences with ease.
Dina makes learning Mandarin fast and fun, and if you put in the work with her lessons, you will learn Mandarin
better than even some native Chinese.
Glenn S./IBM
Fast Learning Chinese offers unparalleled Chinese language instruction to students of all levels
and needs. Founded in 2007, Fast Learning Chinese has established itself as one of the most
popular and highly-rated Chinese language schools in the New York City area. Our unique and
dynamic program will help students learn Mandarin Chinese easily and quickly. We focus on our
students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing ability during each and every lesson.

Fast Learning Chinese is certified by the State Education Department of New York
The video above was produced entirely by our own students
Dina is an excellent teacher with boundless enthusiasm and passion for teaching. She has designed
each and every one of her lessons to be both interesting and understandable. She has spent years
creating and perfecting her unique program, and she is confident that she can teach anyone how to
learn Chinese in a faster, easier, more fun and efficient way.
Fast Learning Chinese Dina Shen
What Our Students Say
Program For All Levels
We have tailored our program to fit any level and any need. Each level builds upon vocabulary and
concepts from the previous level. We highly recommend completing all the classes in one level before
moving onto the next. If you have prior experience with Chinese, please
contact us to determine
which program is the best fit for you.

Level 1 (22 lessons) - Beginner
Level 1 is for all beginners. It serves as a solid foundation for learning Chinese. You will learn how to
pronounce all Chinese pinyin correctly, how to read, write, understand, and pronounce over 170
characters, remember all of them very easily. You will learn how to speak, and understand over 750
words and phrases, and how to use them correctly in sentences. You will learn most of the basic
sentence patterns and structures, so you can build up your own sentences using the correct grammar.
You will have the ability to build upon your own Chinese vocabulary after completing this level, and
you'll be able to converse comfortably on many general topics. This is an excellent starting point to fully
learning the language and serves as a strong foundation.

Level 2 (28 lessons) - Intermediate
Level 2 drastically increases and builds upon your vocabulary, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.
Students will be able to increase the number of characters easily, grasp quickly over 425 characters,
and create over 1000 new words and phrases. Through a lot of practice to proficient in the application
of Chinese grammar, accumulate a large number of vocabulary, in order to achieve the purpose of
more free use of Chinese to express and communicate.

Level 3 (28 lessons) - Advanced
Level 3 is a thorough program for advanced students. It has 28 lessons, each lesson is one hour long.
Students practice and learn how to carry a formal business conversation, quickly understand
questions, and build responses freely and quickly, translate and write out hundreds of sentences.
Students will be able to read and write over 665 characters, create over 1020 new words and
phrases, and write complete essays in Chinese.

Level 4 (34 lessons) - Proficient
Level 4 is an intensive program for proficient students. It has 34 lessons, and each lesson is one hour
long. It is our most advanced level where classes are held entirely in Chinese. Students will be trained
to listen and immediately comprehend what is being said. This is the most difficult aspect to master in
the Chinese language. The goal of this level is to help students read and write proficiently in Chinese
by using a large number of Chinese characters, almost no English. Students will be able to comfortably
speak about any topics they like

Private Lessons
Private instruction, customized to each student's current level and personal needs. This is the best
option for students who need a more tailored and one-on-one approach, who may already know how
to speak, but not know how to read or write, and students who want a more flexible schedule.

Online Video Lessons
Learn Chinese anytime, anywhere. Fast Learning Chinese classes are now available online. Every
single one of our classes has been recorded in HD and posted on Vimeo for you to watch and learn at
your own pace. With Vimeo On Demand, you can pay to watch our online video lessons one lesson at
a time. If you have questions along the way, you can schedule a call or email us and we will help you
answer all your questions.
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