Her love for teaching began early on in life. In just the 6th grade, Dina began tutoring and
teaching her fellow classmates. As the years went on, all her peers and teachers regarded
her as someone who was born to teach. During her four years in college, she won the 1st prize
scholarship each year. She enjoyed reading, writing, editing newspapers, singing, and all kinds
of sports. One year before she graduated, she was invited to teach on a TV program for adults
in Correspondence College. In the next 3 years, she was awarded for being an excellent teacher
and the best teacher of the year.

She came to America in 1990 as the general manager of an international trading company. After
spending 17 years in the industry, Dina returned to her true passion - teaching.  She spent
endless time crafting and perfecting her lessons to be the best available. Her program proves to
be simple, time-efficient and successful.

She has always believed that everyone has the ability to learn. It is not the student's fault if
they could not grasp the lesson, it is the teacher's. She believes that being a good teacher
means being passionate, knowledgeable, patient and innovative.

Dina’s mission is to simplify learning Mandarin Chinese in a way that makes it much easier to
absorb and retain. Dina loves to help her students, and she firmly believes that her program
and material are unparalleled.
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Fast Learning Chinese Dina Shen
Learn Chinese with the most experienced Mandarin teacher
Fast Learning Chinese
Dina Shen is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who has
designed all her lessons to be both interesting and
understandable. She is able to successfully lead her students
by optimizing her classes to maximize learning in the shortest
amount of time. Ultimately, she cares about her students,
tracks progress, and wants everyone to enjoy her lessons.
Learn Chinese with the most experienced Mandarin teacher