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Level 2 drastically increases and builds upon your vocabulary, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.
Students will be able to increase the number of characters easily, grasp quickly over 425 characters, and
create over 1000 new words and phrases. Through a lot of practice to proficient in the application of Chinese
grammar, accumulate a large number of vocabulary, in order to achieve the purpose of more free use of
Chinese to express and communicate. Students should be able to write letters and diaries in Chinese. Since
Level 2 is a continuation of Level 1, we strongly recommend completing Level 1 first, before starting Level 2.
You will have a better idea of where the words come from and how we use them.
Price for program 1
Tuition for 28 lessons
Textbook & Audio
Chinese writing books
Special Package price
Price for "Program 2"
Level 2
Online Courses
Online Video Lessons ( 28 lessons)
These 28 HD Video lessons were recorded from the scene of our real class and posted on Vimeo


  • You can learn at any time and anywhere,
  • 24 hours access for each (1 hour) lesson,
  • Submit your homework via message or email, the teacher will check and reply ASAP.

How it works:

  • Give it a try by watching our online video lesson demo:
  • If you like this program and want to continue, please register with us as a student, we need your name,
    phone number, and shipping address. Registration page
  • You can order our textbook/audio and the writing books on "Book Store". We will ship out for you right
  • After you receive the textbook/audio, you can start the lesson. Please visit our Online Lessons
  • You can purchase lesson by lesson for $25/ea, or you can purchase the whole 28 lessons package, you
    will get a special discount price for just $600 (instead of $752). Pay Online
  • If you purchase the (28 lessons) package, it will include our textbook/audio and writing book, we will ship
    out all the learning materials and email you the instructions to access all the 28 lessons on Vimeo right
Online Video Lessons (28 lessons) + 14 hours Private Lessons via ZOOM
For every two Online Video Lessons, we offer one hour online private lesson via ZOOM

Benefits of this combination program:

  • Review and consolidate the lessons you have learned.
  • Apply what you have learned through a lot of practice with just 1-on-1, you'll get 100% personal attention
    from the teacher. Our private lessons do not just repeat online video lessons, but deepen training on the
    basis of video courses to help you achieve the best learning results.
  • The teacher will create a specific learning plan for you according to your learning progress.
  • The goal is through a lot of practice to proficient in the application of Chinese grammar, accumulate a
    large number of vocabulary, in order to achieve the purpose for the more free use of Chinese to express
    and communicate.

How it works:

  • Please use the registration form to register Level 2 "Program 1" or "Program 2".
  • Go to "Pay online" to pay $600 for "Program 1" or $1440 for "Program 2", and email us your shipping
    address, so we'll ship out all the materials for you and waive your shipping charge.
  • You can also choose to pay in three installments:
  • Go to our "Book Store" to purchase Level 2 textbook, and writing books. So we'll ship them out for you.
  • Go to "Pay online" to pay $550 whenever you want to start "Program 1"
  • Go to "Pay online" to pay $840 whenever you're ready to book your private lessons.
  • Book a Trial Private Lesson for Free after you finish Lesson 2. So you'll see if you really need it or not.
  • You can purchase 1 hour private lesson for $80/hr each time, or you can purchase the 14 online private
    lessons package for a special discount price at $840 (instead of $1120). Pay online
If you have more questions, Please contact us, we will get back to you ASAP
Fast Learning Chinese
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Program 1
Plus: 14hrs private lessons X $80/hr
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